Friday, July 29, 2011

Nothing makes me happier...

... than to be inspired by great photographs.
... than to be in the arms of a loved one.
... than to have a belly-jiggling, choking laugh with friends, family and at that odd cat video.
... than to have my morning cup of coffee.
... than to have Sunday breakfasts/brunches/lunches (depending on what time we manage to pull ourselves awake.
... than to walk hand in hand with him, in the rain, in a city we love, with the world dashing about around us.
... than to have a hot bath when it's so, so cold.
... than to be playing crossword puzzles and laughing at the words we come up with.
... than to rediscover old photos and smile at the recollection of a memory of a much simpler, innocent time.
... than to read the last page of a good book and feel satisfied.
... than to dream and dream.
... than to have time to myself to dance around the room and blast music.
... than to race across the carpark, although he always wins.

and most of all,

nothing makes me happier than to be genuinely happy, filled with love in the world, feel the restlessness of wanting to be something better and the busyness of a very good day.

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