Sunday, June 26, 2011

10 Awesome Things so far

#1000: Coming home to your sleeping partner and when you wiggle into bed next to him, he puts his arms around you like it's the most natural thing.

#999: When you change into unsightly, hole-y but super comfortable pj's after being in jeans the whole day.

The boyfriend calls them 'unattractive' but I love the warmth they envelope my legs with! Especially in this cold winter.

#998: When you come home after work and you smell dinner cooking on the stove.

Today, I came home hungry and was almost willing to devour anything that was in front of me. There was a wonderful smell in the air and when my housemate greeted me at the door, I asked if that was her cooking. She laughed and answered, 'Oh no, that's your boyfriend cooking!' And it just makes dinner all the more awesome. :)

#997: When you discover really old pictures and realise how much you've changed

Yesterday I took out my old Nokia N73 and started looking through the gallery of photos and videos. Most of them were of my sister, Jade and I, others with Kai and some were random. I laughed at many of them and they just reminded me of how long a way I've come! From the girl who could only wish to get to where she is right now to the lady I am today.

#996: When suddenly you realise the steep hill you've been climbing for months doesn't leave you quite as out-of-breath anymore.

It just goes to show that any exercise novice can get to where they want to be. And soon enough, all the sweat and pain (literally) will feel worth it! :) I used to be the worst runner - my limit was a sad 5 minutes. But today, I run 6km at my best! And 4km almost once every two days. All you need is determination and a whole lot of (small) rewards after!

#995: When you pull the stiff nose strip off and you see the little mounds of dirt stuck on.

It is so gross, but at the same time almost relieving when you see how much dirt you've managed to remove with a single pore strip! And sometimes, you almost can't wait for the next three days so you can put one more right back on! :D

#994: Getting a two-in-one deal!

I wanted a world map for quite a while, and just found out that a friend got his for $300! I didn't have $300 to spare but a pleasant surprise came in the form of this month's frankie magazine! For in between two of its beautiful pages, I found a colourful map of the world by Barcelona-based illustrator, Judy Kaufmann! And better still, this July/August issue is all about Awesome Things! Its pages are filled with amazing life lessons that I would quote right here if I didn't think it was more worth it to go out and get your own copy!

#993: Looking at the sky and spotting random shapes

I spotted a rubber duck-shaped cloud yesterday and couldn't help but smile. Picture here! :)

#992: The feeling you get after a great big s t r e t c h ! to soothe tired & sore muscles.

#991: Having a Korean housemate who cooks awesome kimchi fried rice. :)

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