Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Starting anew

I have been contemplating shifting to another blogsite but decided against it since I've been pretty comfortable with Blogger. Instead, I went and did a slight revamp and changed the blog address. And oh, you may have noticed that I removed all my old posts, too. So technically, it's as if I've moved to a whole new blogsite anyway.

But of course, all my old blogposts are saved up somewhere private. I'm just not the kind of person who takes detachment easily.

Having blogged on and off for awhile now, I feel that there is a need to grow in my writing style and it is here that I plan to take writing a bit more seriously. There will be my usual personal anecdotes but ultimately, this will be the space that I can hopefully develop into... Well, a writer of some sort. :)

This is my journey - a pursuit of passion, happiness and all things important.


  1. woohooo!!
    the dp super onz!


  2. Nyehehe! Thankiu sweets! ♥