Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Birthday. Shyan! ♥

It's been such a long time since I've woken up at 7a.m that I don't even remember what it's like anymore. Despite me deeming anytime before 10a.m ungodly, today morning was so beautiful that I was set in the best mood that stayed throughout the day. :)

We headed to the city for an early breakfast for a friend's birthday. It was so refreshing taking in the morning air, so dewy and mild and cool. We breathed out little fogs as we walked along the city's roads.

And on a street called Foveaux sits a little cosy cafe with dark wood aesthetics and the thick scent of coffee wafting through the air. At 7.30am, Le Monde Cafe is already buzzing with activity. People grabbing their first cup of jo, reading the newspapers at their tables on the sidewalk, hotcakes and eggs benedict and fruity muesli bowls.


Kai Xian with his gluttony and Yu Ling's excited face! :D

Shyan and I. Happy birthday!

Birthday muffin.

Once again, Happy Birthday Shyan! I hope you enjoyed breakfast as much as I did. May your wildest dreams and all your wishes come true this year! Lots of love.


  1. lub lub lub :) Le monde is gorg n so is ur post!

  2. Yes Le Monde is really something! Maybe we should make breakfast a habit! :) :) And thank you for your lubly comment YuLing! :D